Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch


Approved Platinum Installer

Need to turn your main water off in an emergency? stopcock stuck or hard to turn? in an inaccessible place?

Have a Surestop fitted and no longer have to worry about trying to find your stopcock or worry if it has seized, turn of your mains in a matter of seeconds

Welcome to Surestop, the modern alternative to the brass stopcock – now you can turn off your mains water supply with the flick of a switch. Thousands of homes around the UK are protected with a Surestop – is yours?

Brass stopcocks tend to be in the most inaccessible places. Surestop Remote Stopcock provides a simple and effective solution to this by delivering a method to turn off your water supply up to 2m’s away from where the pipework is located.

The product is easy to install and works on water pressure alone, using the differential pressure to control the flow of water. No batteries or electricity required.

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